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Increase in organic traffic
Increase in organic revenue
Return on paid advertising spend
ROI achieved with remarketing

The Challenge

Key Problems

Big-name competitors dominating the top spots for the most profitable keywords
Low monthly traffic insufficient to grow their luxury beauty brand
Need more meaningful brand visibility and better website authority
Want to increase sales and grow their customerbase
Edible Beauty Case Study

Edible Beauty is an all Australian luxury brand offering “edible” skincare, teas and wellness supplements. Founder Anna Mitsios started as a naturopath and nutritionist inspired to spread vitality through the food we eat.

All Edible Beauty products are friendly to the earth, animals and humans alike — with no harmful chemicals found anywhere. As they say, “you are what you eat”. Even the packaging is fully recyclable and crafted from beautiful Miron Violet Glass.

Starting from square one, this incredible small business began with quality products and a small digital presence. Without enough online visibility, the Edible Beauty team weren’t generating the traffic, conversions and revenue they were truly looking for.

Compared to big-name competitors, Edible Beauty’s website had little search engine visibility — meaning they couldn’t reach their ideal customer base of earth and health conscious buyers.

That’s why Edible Beauty partnered with OMG.

Starting with a team of 5 based in Sydney, we’ve since helped them expand to the US. We delivered a custom digital marketing strategy, tailored to their fast-growing business. This included hyper-targeted SEO, Facebook advertising and remarketing campaigns.

Through partnering with Edible Beauty, OMG has consistently delivered results as stunning as their products. 104% more organic traffic, 368% more organic revenue, 417% return on paid advertising spend — and the results just keep getting better.

Our Approach

With incredible products and a thriving community, OMG’s job was all about getting Edible Beauty noticed by more of the right people online. This involved growing a digital presence that would build crucial awareness and deliver waves of new customers. We tailored a multi-channel marketing strategy that leveraged SEO, Facebook, remarketing, and more.

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Comprehensive content strategy to align service pages with key opportunity


Remarketing campaigns to win new customers and deliver serious ROI


Ongoing SEO to boost search engine visibility, drive more qualified traffic and convert more customers


Strategic link building to boost website authority and create a stronger digital presence


Strategy & Execution

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